After a university career in research and teaching, I made the leap into the world of chocolate with my company, Miss Choco. During extensive travels, I have visited several chocolate makers and cocoa plantations to gain a better understanding of the subject. I have created a series of workshops touching on various topics, always including chocolate-tastings and unusual pairings. I also imported and distributed different bean-to-bar chocolate brands in Canada and owned a retail store specialized in bean-to-bar chocolate (La Tablette de Miss Choco, Montreal).

I now combine my academic roots and my passion for chocolate : I am starting an Individualized (INDI) PhD at Concordia in order to dig deeper into the complex world of consumer education in the craft food sector, specifically for bean-to-bar chocolate. I also continue to host tasting-workshops, corporate events and conferences (LINK). Contact me at info@misschoco for more information!